One month after the open JVI operation.

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One month after the open JVI operation.

Postprzez Ryszard-Rici » 22 Kwi 2011 11:03

One month after the operation.

I wrote already about the medical conditions and I will not write it again. In each case you can compare a CCSVI treatment and the reduction of the vein with a smooth ride with a Mercedes class S with a dangerous Formula 1 ride. What is most important: I start to feel much better even without cold applications! Today I woke up and did not feel concrete in the legs, or the feeling in the legs to be “heavily bandaged”. I do not feel the weight on my shoulders. I can lift the legs more sitting on a chair. I do not need half an hour to come to myself after waking up, and my body does not have so many strong spastic motions anymore. It is cliear that my TURBO M.S. is just behind me. Also with the urination it is much better, only once every night and normally in the morning. Not as I went back after my first CCSVI treatment in Katowice on December 22nd 2009, when I had to go three times during the last 200 km on my journey home (within 2 hours): and our known doctor S. sent me to other control tests to check if I do not have “an urinary inflammation”. This was just then a clear worsening of my situation just after 24 h after the damage to my vein valves and after the enlargement of my veins. Now my legs do not “jump” anymore, even when I took 4x25 mg Baclofen and 50 ml Mylostan it did not help much and I took it badly. Today I took only 50mg Baclofen and it was more than enough! During the night yesterday evening I went to the first floor to train on the cyclette! It is true then what Dr. Maciej Jaworski said after the operation in MEDICOVER HOSPITAL: about 4 weeks is the waiting time until the hematom inside the vein disappears. My jugularis has now a diameter of 12 mm, but on the site of the hematom it had a diameter of 4 mm and it affected the blood flow. There was a too high occlusion. I have the same feelings now as I had immediately after December 22nd 2009, when my vein valves were damaged and my vein was enlarged too much. Immediately after the operation then and now I can read SMS without glasses! Now immediately after my last operation I needed cold applications to feel better, now I feel better even without applications. My friends tell my that my voice tone is much stronger now than right after the last vein reduction operation. I will test one more time to sleep with the cold application and to see if I can get rid of this in the future. I can write using all fingers on the laptop and not only two shaking fingers of each hand. I do not shiver anymore. I do not have back pain when awakening. The left side of my face does feel better now and the fingertips are feeling much better. I will keep you all informed about my conditions, but I do see now already clear signals that the first operation in the world to reduce the diameter of the jugularis brings very good effects. It is a clear path for others in my condition to follow. This is basic physics: the hydraulic law. It was not possible inside the vein to create a suction movement in order to “pull” the blood from the brain because of the enlarged diameter of the vein. This is a warning and a request for all doctors: do not enlarge the veins too much and do not destroy the vein valves. The theory that mankind since coming down from the trees does not need the vein valves is simply wrong. This is a relation about the vein valves after CCSVI treatments: : and (especially what is underlined). Please learn also from the web page of Dr. Schelling: This special person dedicated his whole life to this theory. You can not boycott him telling that “Dr. Schelling exaggerates”. He does not exaggerate, we are the result of an evolution and we cannot change this fact. We can only follow the pathology. No doctor is cleverer than the evolution. The reduction of the diameter to 12 mm enables enough suction to drain the blood from the brain and to clear the space for new fresh blood to the brain. Everything must be according to norm. Our body is build in a perfect way and there is no much room for improvisation.

Best regards and best holidays to everybody
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